SCORA X-Change


At the end of each week, participants will be invited to answer specific questions and to leave comments regarding the week’s agenda and sessions, namely about theoretical relevance, overall interest and facilitation quality. That will be crucial for us to improve the entire project, the way we plan the topics approached and overall organization.

After the conclusion of the SCORA X-Change Portugal 2016, you will receive an online evaluation form of the overall program, the organization and the social program.

Besides the evaluation, that will be very important to elaborate a report of this SCORA X-Change Portugal 2016, participants will also constitute a group of medical students, interested in Sexual and Reproductive Health, coming from different backgrounds, that will be actively discussing HIV and other STI’s, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Sexuality and Gender issues, Maternal health & Abortion and Gender Based Violence with clinicians, experts and NGO’s. At the end of each main topic we will try to leave our responses to some questions, for example:

Where are we right now?

What are our main concerns?

What can we, as medical students, do?