SCORA X-Change

Goals and Objectives

We are delighted to present you our SCORA X-Change program in Portugal. We worked very hard to give you the most extended experience on Sexual and Reproductive Health issues, focusing on relevant discussions at a Global level and on Portuguese reality.

Hence, we created an outcome-based educational program to foster interactive and peer facilitated learning:

  • Improve knowledge on HIV/AIDS epidemics’ in Portugal;
  • Improve knowledge on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and social support for patients;
  • Improve knowledge on international recommendations to improve Sexual Health curriculum in Medical Education;
  • Get some Peer Education on Sexuality training skills;
  • Improve knowledge on Sexology and Gender issues;
  • Get to know Portuguese LGBT community and the existing social support network;
  • Improve knowledge on Women’s health and abortion in Portugal;
  • Improve knowledge on Clinical Practice in Assisted Reproduction Department;
  • Improve knowledge on Domestic Violence epidemiology in Portugal;
  • Get some practical orientation on how to recognize physical abuse signs;
  • Promote the exchange notions, ideas and solutions in reproductive health issues with health workers, medical students from the hosting cities and the participating students from different countries.

The program integrates informal talks and debates with clinicians and other healthcare professionals, with visits to NGOs working close to the community and clinical classes on hospital departments.