SCORA X-Change

Participation Conditions

The project is open to all medical students that are part of a National Member Organization (NMO) of the International Federation of Medical Student’s Association (IFMSA).

Selection Criteria
Participants are required to fill in an Application Form which will be submitted online. The selection criteria include:

  • English Level Certificate: up to 12 points;
  • Curriculum Vitae (including academic year, training activities, clinical workshops, extra-curricular clinical internships and previous participations on SCORA X-Change Portugal): up to 38 points;
  • Motivation Letter to take part in SCORA X-Change Portugal 2016: up to 50 points;
  • To National Participants - Acceptance of being a SCORA Buddy: up to 10 extra-points.

The top ranked 8 applicants will receive as soon as possible a confirmation letter, which formalizes their selection for SCORA X-Change Portugal 2016.

Every participant should be prepared to make two short presentations:

  • Me, my NMO and my Country;
  • HIV/AIDS status or Gender Based Violence in my country.

(participants may use electronic formats if desired).

Damage & Responsibilities
Any damage done by participants happening during the event will be of his/her full responsibility.

You must read full Terms and Conditions before you make your inscriptions.