SCORA X-Change

Registration and Fee


The fee of participation is fixed at 336€ and includes:

  • Accommodation during the 3 weeks;
  • One meal per working day;
  • Transport between Lisbon and Porto, including stop at Coimbra and Aveiro;
  • Welcoming package (Optional: 7€ for SCORA X-Change Portugal 2016 T-shirt)

Registration form

International Participants

National Participants


Registration is open from:

  • 8th April till 29th April to International Participants;
  • 18th April till 6th May to National Participants.

The application will only become official with the delivery of all of the necessary documents (in digital format), which must be send all at once, to the e-mail until the end of the application period. The final results of the seriation of the candidates will be published until 2nd May and 15th May of 2016, for International and National Participant, respectively.

After this, you will be sent the final confirmation. Please do note that we will be really strict on this, you will have until seven days to proceed with the payment by bank transfer and send the bank statement confirming your transfer. Otherwise, you will receive an e-mail explaining that we won’t consider your registration anymore.

ANEM/PorMSIC Bank Information

Name: ANEM
Address: ANEM-AEFMUP Alameda Prof. Hernâni Monteiro HSJ Piso 01 4200-319 Porto
IBAN: PT50 0035 0651 00515859530 17