SCORA X-Change

Social Program

SCORA X-Change Portugal offers participants a rich and varied social program, with a wide range of activities, such as:

  • City tours in 4 different Portuguese cities and visits to major attractions and monuments;
  • Enjoyable afternoons discovering city parks and gardens;
  • Beach trips both in Lisbon and Porto, with optional surf classes;
  • Amazing themed dinners in Portuguese restaurants followed by magical nights out in bars or discos.

All the activities in the social program are optional and therefore must be covered by the participants. Participants are advised to bring their student’s card (or, preferably, the International Student Identity Card) to take advantage of some discounts.

Some of the activities planned for the social program are:

  • National Food & Drinks Party;
  • Beach time;
  • Karaoke night;
  • Lots of night outs in different discos and bars around Lisbon and Porto;
  • Serralves Museum and Gardens;
  • Douro River Trip and Porto Wine Cellars;
  • Belém;
  • Downtown Lisbon;
  • Sintra;
  • Surf afternoon.










Serralves Museum and Gardens


Beach and Night Outs