SCORA X-Change


How was your SCORA X-Change experience overall?

“Best experience of my life! I honestly learned so much and I feel well equipped to talk about these topics in my NMO.”

“I loved this experience because it was enriching for me and because I made new connections all around the world. The new information acquired will, for sure, help me in developing new projects and in making the old ones better.”

“The expectations were exceeded. The experience was wonderful, i enjoyed every minute of it. Absolutely worth coming!”


What are your follow-up plans?

“I will update our SCE booklet and SCE content (to tackle also gender based violence access to safe abortion and gender identity/expression) and will be happy to host workshops regarding the newly received knowledge”

"I really want to pass on the information I acquired, in order to help individuals and societies to live in a more respectful, peaceful and safer environment. I can do it through workshops at schools, patient-doctor relationship, chatting with friends and family, and above all be living according to what I've learnt."


Were your expectations your expectations for SCORA X-Change Portugal matched?

“My expectations for SXC Portugal were even more than matched. The scientific sessions were amazing, the speakers are really some role models and the themes were mind-blowing. I have one problem tho. As this is my first SCORA X-Change I'm afraid that my next ones will not be as good as yours. Thank you for everything!”

“My expectations were exceeded in this project. I loved everything and the workshops were great. I have so much new knowledge that I can’t wait to share with my friends and colleagues from my local and national SCORA committee.”

“Not only matched, exceeded! I was impressed by the diversity of sessions. I liked the interactivity and the choice of speakers was good!”